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5 contest ideas for your highlights !

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Marketing animations are vectors for the deployment of your omnichannel strategy. It is easy to relay them on all your communication supports: website, social networks, points of sale, mobile applications… The contests give your brand the opportunity to innovate and to involve your community in an original and playful way. Offering marketing activations during your high points of the year (Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween, birthday, new product release…) will reinforce your brand image, promote your products and inform about new products while engaging your users. The game mechanics collect qualified data that will allow you to know the behavior of your players to transform them into ambassadors and to evaluate the notoriety of your offers and your brand. The statistics and results of your activations will provide you with valuable information to take into account for your future marketing campaigns in order to evaluate your performance and make your ROI fully profitable.

Discover 5 ideas of contests to animate your highlights, reinforce your brand image and boost your sales :

1. LEGO® Christmas Whishlist !

LEGO® launched for the Christmas holidays a contest allowing its fans to win some of the brand’s prizes, the products to be won were imported into a catalog created in Sinfin™ DXP with maximum content to enrich the product descriptions. This catalog was integrated into the landing game on the LEGO® France website to give players the opportunity to add products from the interactive catalog to their wish list. The Danish group then drew several wish lists to give them to its community to win. This activation gathered thousands of players and views to the online catalog. The brand thus proposed a fun and original experience to engage its fans and promote its offers during a strong period of the year. 

2. The hunt for Playstation codes

To engage its community and generate traffic on its retailers’ pages, SONY launched during the Easter holidays a contest to win SONY x Playstation® “Playstation Code Hunt” prizes. The objective was simple: find the codes hidden in the description of the brand’s products on the websites of its retailers Micromania and Cdiscount. The two landing games and the game mechanics were developed via the Sinfin™ DXP platform, which allowed SONY to propose interactions, highlight their new products and boost traffic on its retailers’ sites.

3. ESTAC and Coca-Cola launch a phygital animation to bring together fans of the Ligue 1 Club

This contest with obligation to buy was built under a mechanic of draw. The participants had the opportunity to win numerous products with the club’s logo. To win, participants had to buy a product from the Coca-Cola Europacific Partners France range available in all their outlets in the department and in the refreshment stands of the Stade de l’Aube. After flashing the QR Code given after the purchase, the user was redirected to an animation “The rain of objects” directly created from Sinfin™ DXP to collect a maximum of objects fallen on the fictitious field. This phygital animation gathered thousands of fans and federated a whole community around the football.

4. Release of the new Rainbow Six Ubisoft 

On the occasion of the release of Rainbow Six, the multinational company launched a contest game under an instant-win mechanic to offer its users the possibility to win numerous prizes by breaking online barricades. The entire contest: mechanics, rules, presentation of the prizes to be won and the creation of the landing game broadcast on the website was developed from the Sinfin™ DXP platform. The objective was to offer a memorable digital experience in a graphic universe around the survival horror video game.

5. It’s time for LEGO® Peach™! 

On the occasion of the release of the new interactive Super Mario Peach™ figure the group launched a new contest game and gave its fans the opportunity to win prizes from the Super Mario™ line. The game mechanics, rules, quiz animation and landing game were all developed and assembled from the Sinfin™ DXP platform. This activation allowed the brand to raise awareness of its new products, increase its engagement rate and drive traffic to its retailers’ sites while providing an innovative user experience.

Sinfin™ DXP is a SaaS digital experience platform, thanks to the tool’s Experience module you can very easily create contests and quickly broadcast them on all your communication channels to support your omnichannel strategy. From creation to statistics and distribution, you don’t need any specific knowledge in web development or graphic design. The platform offers different mechanics according to your needs: instant win / draw / personality test / quiz… It is then possible to customize and adapt your own graphic charter to create templates, the URL of the landing game is customizable and can be quickly integrated on your website, on your resellers’ websites or on your social networks. The statistics available in real time will give you an overview of the number of participants, the distribution of the winnings, the product catalogs to be won or the click rate.

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