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With the development of digital technology, new consumer habits have emerged making users omnichannel and their demands on the system increasing. For a brand, making the shopping experience seamless and consistent across all its physical and digital touch points is an ongoing challenge. To stand out from the crowd, companies must personalize their user journey, be consistent across all their interaction points and offer continuous content. Providing optimal customer experiences is today an obstacle course for brands that do not use the right tools, making processes slow and purchase paths uncertain and unengaging for users. 


A DXP is a collection of several tools that are interconnected to help companies offer their consumers a single digital experience, consistent and personalized interactions from anywhere and on any channel. It is the possibility to work from a modular and complete platform that allows to pilot, to manage and to have a global vision of all its channels whether it is on the marketing or commercial axis.

What are the advantages of a DXP ?

Manage omnichannel sales activity for an incredible shopping experience : 


With a DXP platform you have the ability to sell on any distribution channel: marketplaces, e-commerce and retailer sites, social networks… very quickly. The tool simplifies and automates the operations related to the flows to help you increase your presence and your sales. It allows the unification of your information: items, prices, stocks… thanks to Product Information Management (PIM) and the management of all your photo, video, document or other multimedia flows with a Digital Asset Management (DAM).

Engage your community to strengthen ties :


Create once and distribute everywhere different content to your community via blogs, articles, posts on social networks or even with the help of interactive means like newsletter or emailing. With a DXP platform, get data on your audience and their interaction with your brand and your content.

Animate your highlights and create trade marketing events to promote your brand :


The DXP platform is a tool to help you set up your marketing campaigns and analyze these actions for a good implementation of your marketing strategy. With a digital experience platform you simplify the exchange with your suppliers, manufacturers and distributors thanks to the centralization of your product information. On some platforms you have the possibility to create trade marketing operations and digital animations in web to store: contests, landing page, forms, mini-sites without code… To highlight your highlights and your brand.


Why go for a DXP ?

A DXP is connected to your applications and APIs to allow you to unify your enterprise systems. It centralizes your data with the ability to engage a multitude of users on the platform, allowing for better internal collaboration as each department has access to the same levels of information and data. The goal is to provide a better buying experience for your customers, which will lead to increased sales and community loyalty while setting you apart from your competitors. Select a DXP solution that best meets your needs.

Sinfin™ DXP packs a lot of functionality from a single tool with a simple and intuitive user experience that doesn’t require specific technical knowledge.

Want to learn more about the features of Sinfin™ DXP and get a demo ?


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