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Facilitate the implementation of Trade E-Marketing activations with your resellers !

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Trade marketing activations and interest in digital are becoming more and more important in the partnerships between brands and retailers to support their sales and traffic to their websites. In a hyper-competitive market composed of a plurality of offers and demands, e-retailers have a real need to reinforce their brand image and build loyalty among their community in a customer satisfaction approach. The communication mechanisms between brands and retailers are constantly evolving as trade marketing investments gain weight. These trade marketing activations aim to seek mutual benefit and reinforce a win/win partnership between the brand and its retailer while maximizing the effectiveness of the relationship over the long term.


What are the challenges of an optimal trade e-marketing strategy ?

Building a trade e-marketing strategy is first and foremost about strengthening the link with your distributor and proposing actions with common objectives in order to establish a relationship of trust that extends over time. An optimal trade marketing strategy will give you a competitive advantage thanks to the interaction you will propose with your community and to the increased visibility of your product range that you will distribute to increase your profitability and that of your partners. The stakes are to propose different activations always more innovative and engaging with a time of implementation and fast and effective distribution while preserving its brand identity to boost its community.


When to implement trade e-marketing activations ?

If you want to improve the quality of your online presence and accentuate your omnichannel strategy throughout the year and during your high points in the year: Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween, Sales, Valentine’s Day… Or if you want to communicate on a capsule, the launch of a new product/range or simply to propose phygital animations (combining the digital experience with the one in point of sale) trade e-marketing activations are powerful levers to increase your sales and give you visibility, the Danish brand LEGO® has understood this very well and proposes animations and contests for each highlight in the year. 

What are the benefits of trade marketing activations ? 

Trade marketing actions highlight your product lines during your high points, which increases your traffic on your website and on your resellers’ platforms. The implementation of trade marketing activities engages your consumers and increases their loyalty. It allows you to better understand the behavior and needs of your targets. In addition to building loyalty among your distributors, it gives visibility and notoriety to your brand and generates an increase in your sales, your turnover and that of your resellers.

Our team is specialized in the advice, the accompaniment and the piloting of your trade marketing animations whether it is local, national or international in scope we can accompany you in the personalization with turnkey offers. If you prefer to be totally autonomous, our Sinfin™ DXP platform allows you to create customized landing games easily and quickly.

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