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How to generate more conversions with landing pages ?

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The creation of landing pages is an essential step to integrate into your inbound marketing strategy to maximize your traffic and increase your conversions on your website. Landing pages allow you to put forward a page dedicated to a special event: an offer, a new collection or capsule… It is a crucial tool to feed your acquisition strategy and transform your prospects into customers.

What is a landing page ?

A single page where visitors arrive after clicking on a “Call To Action” (CTA) button from an online advertisement or any other commercial and/or marketing action with various objectives to obtain an email address or the creation of an account :

  • Subscribe to your newsletter, white paper, webinar…. ;
  • Request for a quote or information ;
  • Sale of your offers ;
  • Download a software…

You can create many landing pages throughout the year according to your marketing campaigns and your highlights.

Why create landing pages ?

  • Generate qualified traffic :

Your prospect having clicked on your CTA is the starting point of your whole conversion strategy, he shows interest in you, once this interest is captured, the challenge is to transform your prospect into a lead and then into a customer. The landing page pushes to action, for it to be optimized, your landing page must be clear so that your prospect can quickly find the information he is looking for and must propose content and a convincing commercial argument.

  • Speed up your highlights :

There’s no need to hire developers, no lines of code are required to create a landing page if you have the right tool. Any collaborator can do it, even beginners, thanks to the support of a builder you can create landing pages very quickly and in a fun way. Landings pages can be minimalist and contain the essential. An image or video, a title, a few paragraphs and a CTA are enough, if they are well used and relevant. 

  • Analyze your results :

You can very simply measure your audience performance via some tools and create several landing pages and see which one works best through A/B testing. By studying this data, you can adapt your message so that your conversion rate is always better.

  • Improve your brand’s SEO :

A well-optimized landing page benefits your SEO strategy and helps improve your positioning on other pages of your website, increase your traffic and boost your conversions. Building a well-referenced landing page requires a lot of thought up front, including: rich content with keywords, well-named images or videos, title and subtitle tags that include your main keywords, and an optimized, short URL link. 

How to create an optimal landing page ?

  • Attract attention with a striking and specific title because it must correspond to what your target is looking for after clicking on the link preceding the page.
    Your form should be composed of the essential information you need. A form that is too long will cause you to lose leads.
  • Insert visual content such as images, graphics, animations or videos. It is a good way to access information quickly for the Internet user and therefore a less time-consuming decision making.
  • Arrange your content in an original way. The important thing is that at first glance the user finds the most important information by scrolling.
  • Build your message and place relevant selling points. The goal is to convince your audience to take the action you want. You must define the answer to their need.
  • Unblock your prospects’ brakes through key figures, logos of your customers you already work with and customer testimonials.
  • Use the right creative tool :


Sinfin™ allows you to build your landing pages independently via a drag & drop editor. The builder is simple and intuitive to use. Drag and drop the elements you want to build your page according to your desires. Everything is customizable, even the CTA button. 

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